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Become an Airbnb PRO!

Did you ever think about your own short term/vacation rental business? Then dive into this all encompassing online course to help jumpstart your business. Per Elizabeth (Airbnb & Short Term Rental Extraordinaire), "We left no stone unturned, the good, the bad, the ugly and the magnificent is all included!!!" 

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Want to grow your real estate business?


CIREIA's annual Real Estate Investing 101 series is composed of 8 half day workshops that are led by local investors and coaches, and are designed to cover the some of the most popular and common topics related to Real Estate Investing. 

Whether you are brand new to investing, or are already an experienced investor that just needs a crash course in a different strategy to help grow your portfolio, then we've got something for you!

Led by Elizabeth Sickles, one of the top Airbnb property management company in the tri-state area.

Earn 3x More Than Traditional Rentals - Airbnb Investing 101 | 9am-noon 

Elizabeth Sickels is the founder of Elizabeth Maora which manages a portfolio of AirBnBs and short & medium term rentals, and is one of the most successful AirBnBs businesses in the tri-state area. 

As an owner and property manager of multiple properties, Elizabeth will share the ins and outs of how to build your short & medium term rental business, develop a team, and the major pitfalls to avoid. 

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Led by Brian Snider and the Simple Wholesaling Team. One of the top wholesaling and wholetaling companies in the nation.

April 10th - Wholesaling 101 | 1-4pm

They will take you through all of the steps that you need to wholesale real estate. This class will lay the foundation & go through the basics of a deal in a simple step-by-step process, while giving you access to ask questions to a team that does over 300 deals a year.

        tips for lead generation

        building a buyers list

        contracts & title companies

All of this will be covered and more in a folder made for you to take home & start doing your own deals!

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Led by Hocker Law Team

May 8th - Legalities Owner Finance w/ Janet Hocker | 9am-noon 

Janet Hocker, Attorney (Hocker and Associates Law) and Eric Downing (Hocker Title) will teach how to stay legal when doing owner finance, creative finance and contract financing.  

They will also cover the differences and nuances of the different financing options available

  • Hard money vs Private money 
  • Land Contracts/Mortgage Notes and more   
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Led by Sterling Davis, owner/operator of Ethosity Property Management with over 500 doors under contract.

May 8th - Buy & Hold w/ Sterling Davis | 1-4pm 

Sterling will teach tips and tricks to holding properties.  He'll discuss the pros and cons of self managing or hiring a property management team.  How to buy and house hack for minimal cost and more... 

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Led by Darren Finney, a local rehabber and CIREIA Board member, flips an average of 10 houses per year.

May 15th - Flipping Houses w/ Darren Finney | 9am-noon 

Darren will teach the basics of rehabbing for flipping.  How to pick location, finishes, talking to lenders and what mistakes to avoid.  

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Led by Justin Bogard, owner/operator of BrightPath Notes switched from landlording and flipping over six years ago so now HE IS THE BANK.

May 15th - Note Investing w/ Justin Bogard | 1-4pm 

Justin will be educating on Note Investing. Buy – Sell – Create loans!!

He will highlight Due Diligence, Closing/Funding, Post Closing/Recording via walking through a deal. Breakdown of performing vs Non-Performing Loans. Being Compliant with Dodd Frank and the CFPB when creating loans! Land Contracts vs Note & Mortgages and more! 

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Questions about the Real Estate 101 Series?

Contact Vickie at or (317)-961-3367.


Please note that events hosted by CIREIA are taught by volunteers, real estate investors and coaches. CIREIA, speakers and attendees are giving their opinions and not offering legal or financial advice. We recommend that all investors consult professionals before making all financial and legal decisions.

Also, please note that refund of paid fees are not allowed on memberships, events, meetings, classes.