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Did you ever think about your own short term/vacation rental business? Then dive into this all encompassing online course to help jumpstart your business. Per Elizabeth (Airbnb & Short Term Rental Extraordinaire), "We left no stone unturned, the good, the bad, the ugly and the magnificent is all included!!!" 

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Want to grow your real estate business?

(317) 500-4486 



July 22- 24, 2022

9:00am - 4:00pm

*lunch is provided


Irvington Event Center

6767 E Washington St, 

Indianapolis, IN 46219


3 days of intensive classroom and on-site instruction plus coaching through your first flip.

About Dave Short

Why Dave is HANDS DOWN the BEST House Flipping Instructor you'll come across

Dave Short is a local Hoosier and has been investing in Indy real estate for the past 46 years

On average, Dave flips 30 houses a year in Indianapolis and has completed more than 400 flips in the past 7 years. But aside from being an expert flipper - he is also well versed in other strategies and knows how to pair them up to maximize your ROI. 

He also serves on the Board of Directors for CIREIA, leads a monthly class about flipping houses and leads an annual mentoring program (the one this page is about) to help new investors launch their real estate businesses. 

If you want to flip houses - learn from the best.

Why Join This Program?

About this Program

Flipping is SO MUCH more than just remodeling houses.

Its about structuring projects. Finding deals AND the funding needed to bring them to fruition. It's about learning how to manage renovation projects and construction teams. And most importantly - how to sell your properties for maximum ROI ($cha-ching$).

This class is for any Real Estate Entrepreneur - new and aspiring investors who want to learn the ropes, & seasoned investors who want to level up their game and learn from one of Indy's best. 

What Dave will cover during the 3 day intensive workshop

  • A-Z in flipping houses
  • Finding and funding flips
  • Developing a Scope of Work
  • How to do partnerships
  • Finding & creating mortgage notes
  • On-site visits to actual flips Dave is working on
  • Case Studies
  • And much, much more...

Your takeaways AFTER the workshop

  • Two complete workbooks
  • Coaching from Dave Short through your first flip

We are committed to helping you be successful! You put in the effort - and Dave will support you from start to sold.

Check out Dave's testimonials further down the page. 

Why this program is better than any other program

Local Experience You Won't Find Elsewhere

Being a local Hoosier who has spend the past 46 years investing in Indianapolis real estate, Dave can offer in-depth and localized knowledge about the market in Indy, which strategies work best in which neighborhoods, and other recent trends you'll want to be aware of as you embark your real estate investing journey. 

The CIREIA Advantage

CIREIA is Central Indiana's ONLY professional trade association for real estate entrepreneurs. CIREIA has been helping local real estate entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses for over 3 decades. Here's just a few things that we offer you....

  • Hot off the press legislative updates that will impact your real estate business.
  • Work closely with Indiana State REIA to support favorable small business legislation.
  • In-depth knowledge of the local marketplace, and rapidly changing trends.
  • Certified with Indiana Licensing Bureau to provide CE Credits.
Is This Program Right For You?

You SHOULD join this program if....

  • You want to start Flipping houses in Indianapolis.
  • You've already done a few flips but want to level up your game so you can make even more $$$$.
  • You want to receive comprehensive instruction from a local expert.
  • You want to learn how to set up projects, find deals & funding, manage contractors, and sell your property for top dollar.
  • You understand the value in building your local network as you grow your business.

You should NOT join this program if....

  • You don't want to invest in Indianapolis - sure you'll learn about flipping houses, but many people teach that, and you'll probably get tried of hearing about the Indy market if it's not where you want to build your business. 
  • You are still trying to figure out which strategy is best for you - if this is you then check out our events calendar. CIREIA offers many beginner level classes and free subgroup meetings that are better suited to help you figure that out. Memberships start at $20/month. 
  • You aren't interested in real estate - Duh. I'm surprised you haven't clicked away yet. 

Videos About the Program

About the Program  

Darren Finney Testimonial

Courtney Wheeler Testimonial

Your Personal Investment (the part you've been waiting for!)

CIREIA Members

Single Person - $1,250

Couple - $2,000

CIREIA Non-Members

Not a member? Check out our membership options to take advantage of discounted member pricing.

Single Person - $2,500

Questions about the program? Contact Vickie at or (317)-961-3367