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Landlording Information


-----------State's Rental Assistance Portal went live July 13 per Tim Hawkins, Attorney.

On Monday, July 13 at 9 a.m. (ET), emergency rental assistance programs for the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis went live.
Because both programs are expected to experience high demand for limited funds, Prosperity Indiana wants to make sure our members and partners have the information needed to best serve the affected renters in your communities. We are also asking that you share this information widely.
The details below include information and links to apply to the Indiana COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program, which covers residents in every county (except Marion County), and the IndyRent Rental Assistance Program, which covers residents in Marion County including the City of Indianapolis.
While the two programs have some differences in eligibility, application processes, and program design, both are intended to provide rental assistance to residents who have seen income loss due to the pandemic.
Even if renters are unsure if they qualify, the most important thing is to encourage anyone affected by the COVID-19 crisis to complete the application process ASAP, starting 9 a.m. on Monday, July 13.
Prosperity Indiana and our advocacy partners in the Hoosier Housing Needs Coalition will closely monitor the data and outcomes of these programs, and will continue to provide recommendations to better coordinate Indiana's COVID-19 housing stability policy response.

For the IndyRent Rental Assistance Program (only Marion County):

  • Eligibility information for the program can be found here.
  • Program information PDF flyer can be found here.

 For the statewide (except Marion County) Rental Assistance Program:

-------------------------------per john Cross/ attorney/ Mercer Belanger, P.A.   10/01/2018---------------------------

Question: What do I do if my landlord doesn’t return my security deposit?

From John Cross, local attorney, Indianapolis, 2018:

There is a link below for the Indiana Small Claims Manual that provides useful information for Landlords/Tenants starting on page 20. She should send written notice of her new address to the landlord. Official information below for posting:

Indiana Code 32-31-3-12 requires landlords return security deposits to tenants within 45 days of termination of the rental agreement and delivery of possession of the rental property. The landlord can deduct the following amounts from the security deposit: (1) the payment of accrued rent; (2) the amount of damages that the landlord has suffered or will reasonably suffer by reason of the tenant’s noncompliance with law or the rental agreement; and (3) unpaid utility or sewer charges that the tenant is obligated to pay under the rental agreement.

The landlord must itemize the deducted amounts, and any amounts remaining due, by written notice delivered to the tenant. However, the tenant must give written notice of their new address to the landlord prior to being entitled to return of any security deposit.

Landlord Registration

  • Indianapolis Landlord Registration Program

Beginning January 1, 2015 as part of the Indianapolis Landlord Registration Program, all owners or landlords of rental units will be required to register the properties with the City of Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement (DCE). Please continue reading for important information on this new program.

  • Landlord Registration Enrollment

The initial registration period will end March 31, 2015. There will be no enforcement activities during the first three months of the program.

  • Accessing the Landlord Registration Form

The registration form is available online through DCE’s Citizen Access Portal ( Applicants must create a portal user account to access the landlord registration form. Applicants may also register at a kiosk available to the public in the DCE Lobby (1200 S. Madison Ave).

  • Completing the Landlord Registration

The property owner or a designated property management company can complete the registration form. An individual who owns multiple rental properties may register all properties together and pay one registration fee of $5. A property management company who represents multiple owners must complete a registration form for each owner.

  • Landlord Registration Fee

Paying the registration fee is the final step of the process before submitting the registration form. Applicants can pay the $5 registration fee with an eCheck or credit card. The payment service is provided by a third-party vendor working in partnership with the City.

  • Viewing the Landlord Registration

Beginning January 1, 2015, the public can access the landlord registration list at DCE’s Citizen Access Portal.

  • Renewing the Annual Registration in 2016

DCE will provide information on the renewal process in 2015. The annual renewal process will require minimal action from registered landlords.

  • Questions

Please email or call (317) 327-4316.

  • Department of Code Enforcement Contact Details

1200 Madison Ave., Ste. 100, Indianapolis, IN 46225
Phone: (317) 327-8700
Fax Numbers:
Building – 327-8475
Business Licensing – 327-0817
Contractor Licensing – 327-8401
Crafts – 327-5397
Infrastructure/Right of Way – 327-3125
Permits – 327-5174
Zoning – 327-8696

Files to Help You

Marion County Small Claims Manual 2014

Click Here

Marion County Landlord Registration Info

Click Here

IN General Assembly 2017 Session Interim Committees

Click Here

Landlord-Tenant Rules: IN General Assembly Website

Click Here