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What LegalShield's plan offers:

  • peace of mind
  • professional legal advice & counsel
  • dedicated on call law firm
  • IDShield detection and resolution

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Did you ever think about your own short term/vacation rental business? Then dive into this all encompassing online course to help jumpstart your business. Per Elizabeth (Airbnb & Short Term Rental Extraordinaire), "We left no stone unturned, the good, the bad, the ugly and the magnificent is all included!!!" 

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Want to grow your real estate business?

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Networking Events

Real Estate Investing is a team sport. And CIREIA's mission is to help you build that team.

If you look at the most successful real estate entrepreneurs, they will tell you that their success is a result of having a strong team, and surrounding themselves with a community of like-minded people to collaborate and grow with.

To help local real estate entrepreneurs achieve this, CIRIEIA hosts a variety of different networking events throughout the month to bring investors together. So whether you are looking to grow your list, find a contractor/agent/lender/cleaner etc..., or just be a part of a like minded community that will support your growth, CIREIA has something for you!

Main Meeting

Held on the first Thursday of each month, CIREIA's main meeting covers a new topic each month that is focused on starting/growing your real estate business.

During the warmer months, meetings are held in person and semi-outdoors and we feature Serendipity Food truck & a cash bar. 

Arrive early and meet our vendors that serve real estate entrepreneurs and network with other like minded individuals.

Learn more about this meeting here, or just head directly to our events calendar to register!

Masters Meeting

Masters meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, and tend to focus on a more advanced investing topic, although investors of all levels are welcome to attend. 

This meeting is currently Zoom Live only. The meeting room opens at 6pm and is an opportunity to pose real estate investing questions before diving into the actual meeting. 

Learn more about this meeting here, or just head directly to our events calendar to register!


In Person Speed Networking

 $20 for non-members  |  FREE for Members 

 Held at least quarterly - Check our Events Calendar for the next one

Fun and frantic!  Remember musical chairs as a child?

That is what this event is like - but each time you switch chairs you get to meet someone else who is a real estate investor.

Open to flippers, landlords, wholesalers, buyers, sellers, lenders, contractors!

PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to build your lists!!

Zoom Networking

 $20 for non-members  |  FREE for Members 

 Check our Events Calendar to see when the next one is

Limited to 25 people ONLY. 

Open to flippers, landlords, wholesalers, buyers, sellers, lenders, contractors, realtors...anyone in the real estate investing world!

Everyone will get a few minutes to talk about what real estate venture they are working on, and ask for what they need help with. 

Perfect for building your lists, building a power team, finding a mentor or just meeting like minded entrepreneurs that can help you grow!

Monday Mini Networking Meetings (Zoom Live)

9-10am, every other Monday morning

 CIREIA Members only  |  FREE

 Check our Events Calendar to see when the next one is

Miss the days of live meetings where you could shake hands and exchange business cards?

Well, CIREIA is introducing the next best thing - biweekly networking meetings held via Zoom (every other Monday morning).

Events will begin with buy/sell/trade for any deals you are currently working, followed by vendor intros, and online networking. Everyone will have 60 seconds to introduce themselves and let people know what you are looking for.