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PHP Credits

National Professional Housing Provider Mission

Enable members to expand their education and knowledge via courses as valuable tools to attain successful goals and present a professional image to the public and government.

The National Real Estate Investors Association is dedicated to the success of the National REIAs PHP program being fully supportive of CIREIA.

Classes and credits have been modified to better reflect the Central Indiana market.

Local classes and online classes are available. Check out the national classes at — National Reia University — here to help you at your convenience.


  • What is the NaPHP designation?

The NaPHP designation is a nationwide education-based certification program designed to recognize the high level of knowledge and professionalism among the designation holders. It is sponsored and overseen by the National Real Estate Investors Association.

  • How to earn credits online?

Earning credits on

  1. Go to
  2. Click on RESOURCES TAB -> PRODUCTS PAGE -> PAST MEETINGS/VIDEOS. Past meetings will be on these pages and different credits are available for each.
  3. Upon completion, send an email to let us know that you completed the class or watched the meeting. Send to  We will be able to verify online.

Earning credits on

  1. Sign up for an account on National Reia’s website. Use the same email you use for CIREIA and use the sign in code CIREIA.
  2. Complete free and/or paid for classes. Each class has a different number of credits.
  3. Email a copy of the completion certificate to Earning credits on
  1. Sign up for an account with this affiliate member.
  2. These credits are good for PHP and for Indiana State Real Estate Agent CE credits.
  3. Complete classes. Each class has a different number of credits.
  4. Email a copy of the completion certificate to

Earning credits From on-line pre-licensing real estate agent classes

  1. Sign up and complete any online Indiana real estate agent pre-licensing class.
  2. Email a copy of the completion certificate to
  3. Classes are worth 12 credits:
    • Appraisal – 2 credits
    • Contract Law –  2 credits
    • Ethics – 1 credit
    • Fair Housing Law – 2 credits
    • Inspections – 1 credit
    • Marketing – 1 credit
    • Regulations – 1 credit
    • Elective – 2 credits

  • Why obtain the NaPHP designation?

Only persons completing the educational requirements will be permitted to hold themselves out to the public as a Professional Housing Provider. The designee will be recognized in the form of an award certificate, designated pin and the right to use the designation.

He or she should recognize that having a basic education in the topics outlined below will increase his or her ability to reach goals in real estate investment. Further, as National REIA works to make the NaPHP designation more recognizable, it is hoped that the NaPHP holders will have an advantage in dealing with legal and governmental bodies when a “my word against his” situation occurs.

It will also aid in encouraging legislators to think of educated investors as a larger group for political action. Other tangible benefits, including discounts on courses an educational materials, may be added as the program develops.

  • How do you achieve your PHP designation?

Go to your account, click on PHP CREDITS.  Compare what you have credit for against the meetings, sub groups and events you’ve attended.

REMEMBER – this designation is based on information from MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INFORMATION. You cannot attend 1 sub group 60 times and achieve 60 credits.  Each event/class has a limited number of credits (like college) and you must achieve appropriate number from each subject.

Most CIREIA main meetings, webinars, radio shows/podcasts, sub groups and special events qualify for PHP CREDIT.  When you register on the CALENDAR OF EVENTS there will be an icon showing how many credits that event qualifies for.

There are several sites you can earn credits online. Follow the steps in the how to earn credits online section.


  • Attend other real estate related classes such as Marion County Landlord Training (2 credits), Marion County General Contractor Training (2 credits), OREIA each November (credits based on classes you attend), Electrician or Plumbing Licensing Required Classes (2 credits).
  • Attend CIREIA Mentoring Weekends and ON-SITE PROJECTS.
    • Weekend classroom training 12 credits
      • Appraisal – 1 credit
      • Ethics – ½ credit
      • Finance – 2 credits
      • Negotiation – 2 credits
      • Regulations – Local – 1 credit
      • Inspections – 1 credit
      • Marketing – 1 credit
      • Insurance – Property – 1 credit
      • Purchasing – ½ credit
      • Rehab: Classroom – 2 credits
    • On site training
      • Rehab: Hands On – 2 credits
    • If they are listed on the CIREIA calendar of events they will be credit worthy for PHP credits.
    • If they are NOT listed on the CIREIA CALENDAR OF EVENTS they MAY be credit worthy for PHP credits.
    • Email a copy of the completion certificate to with explanation and details about the class so we can verify they can qualify for PHP credit.
    – When you attend CIREIA functions be sure to sign in.- Sign in sheets are added to PHP data base and tracked automatically.- If you attend a sub-group that does not send around a sign in sheet, please remind the group leader to send around a sign in sheet.

    – Credits roll over from year to year and are monitored in the CIREIA database.

We will do a formal graduation at the December meeting of each year and we will designate everyone who finished that calendar year. If you complete your Designation earlier in the year, you do not have to wait until December to get your designation.  Notify us that you have completed your 60 credits asap. For questions, call Vickie Perry, Executive Director at 317-670-8491 or email

  • Who can obtain the NaPHP designation?

PHP designation can be obtained by Members in Good Standing of CIREIA/National REIA.


Required: 42 TOTAL

  • Appraisal: Appraisal methods and how to compare properties –  2 core
  • Rehab: Estimation, which projects pay for themselves, etc. –  4 core
  • Rehab Hands On: Participate with hands on project – 2 core
  • Fair Housing Laws: Federal, state and local fair housing regulations – 2 core
  • Ethics: Enacting and actual use of national, state, local, high ethics – 1 core  
  • Negotiations: Negotiating with sellers, buyers, renters, contractors,  vendors, banks – 3 core
  • Finance: Conventional financing, FHA/VA, creative financing – 6 core
  • Tenant-Landlord Law: Landlord and tenants responsibilities, evictions – 2 core
  • Contract Law: Basic contract law, using contracts and clauses to protect
    – 3 core
  • 1031 exchange, trust accounts, self directed IRA's and other institutional methods of investing: 1 core
  • Analyzing a deal:  1 core
  • Commercial and multifamily:  1 core
  • Buy and hold: Basic differences between landlording, property management, short term rentals.  2 core
    • Wholesaling:  Understanding the part that wholesalers play in our market - 2 core
    • Marketing:  Multiple methods of marketing for buyers and sellers - 2 core
    • Design and staging:  How design affects the bottom line of investing - 1 core
    • Notes:  Performing and non performing details 1 core
    • Tax, Sheriff, Surplus Sales:  Understanding the differences and how they can be used for sourcing properties 1 core
  • Local Regulations: Regulations affecting investment other than tax laws – 2 core
  • Federal Regulations: Regulations affecting RE investments such as lead paint – 1 core
  • Management: Record keeping, dealing with tenants, maximizing cash flow – 4 core
  • Purchasing: Finding deals and calculating profitability – 2 core  
  • Inspections: Pre– and Post– purchase inspections – 2 core
  • Tax Law/Bookkeeping Practices: Calculating and minimizing taxes and tax laws – 2 core
  • Tax Law: Property taxes, 1031 tax deferred trades – 1 core
  • Insurance-property: What type of property insurance is appropriate – 1 core
  • Insurance-workers compensation: When, how and for whom to carry workers compensation insurance – 1 core
  • Insurance-liability: Insurance including why and how much  – 1 core


1) Check each subgroup for PHP credit offered.  Attendance is automatically credited toward your PHP totals.

2) Check each main meeting and special event for credits offered.   Attendance is automatically credited toward your PHP totals.

3) Check and for on line classes.    For credit, send a copy of your completion certificate to


Required: 6 TOTAL

These can be completed in multiple ways. Some sub-groups, main meeting and special events qualify. Community events might qualify. If you feel that a class or workshop you have attended might be considered for the PHP Designation, send a copy of the completion sheet along with a copy of the class agenda and details to