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The CIREIA Advantage: Putting the Benefits of Joining a Real Estate Investment Group into Perspective

June 13, 2018 12:00 PM | Anonymous


The growing market of the real estate industry attracts many individuals (many of whom are investors and business owners) to join a real estate investment group. Despite the surplus of real estate investment organizations these days, few ever really go into detail about what their members are getting into once they commit their time and effort.

Become a Member of a Nationally-Recognized
Real Estate Association

Here at CIREIA, we are transparent about what our members will get out of our program. We have laid out a complete list of our membership benefits to make sure that members (both local and national) get the most out of the real estate investment group.

Why Consider Joining CIREIA?

It’s all about perspective. Each of our membership benefits aims to give you an edge in this cutthroat industry by:

  • tapping into powerful but overlooked assets;
  • keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in real estate; and
  • putting the knowledge, experience, and insights of real estate experts at your disposal.

Here’s How Each Goal is a Feat All on Its Own

  • Tapping into all your assets as a real estate agent or investor is not the easiest of tasks. First, you need to know what these assets are. And that, in itself, is a tall order.

    What assets you can capitalize on depends on the property you’re selling, investing in, or interested in. And you can’t exactly obtain these types of information with a quick online search. Acquiring them requires in-depth research and an extensive network of specialists. Both of which are seldom achievable by a single person, no matter how dedicated or determined.

    CIREIA members enjoy discounts and rebates offered by local and national partners; extensive platforms to market/survey properties, free subscription to Court & Commercial Record, diverse networking opportunities, and more!

  • Keeping up with the latest trends and developments in real estate is a challenge—not because it’s difficult to get news, but because of the abundance of it.

    Most buyers nowadays rely more on the internet to find potential homes compared to real estate agents. 56% (36-younger) and 50% of buyers (37-51 years old) found their properties online. Only those who are aged 52 and above sought out real estate assistance.

    Joining a real estate investment group will give you access to studies (such as the abovementioned statistics) about how to maintain your wealth once you attain it, how to maximize your profits, and how to achieve financial independence through real estate investments. You will also gain access to statistical analyses about real estate status in various locations, buyer and seller trend and behavior, among others. Not to mention the various legal changes and developments about real estate in state, local, and federal laws. CIREIA can help you stay on top of it all.

    CIREIA has several other workshops planned for the upcoming months. Imagine keeping tabs on everything that’s discussed in each one and picking out the information that you can benefit from.

  • Learning from real estate experts and authorities is not something that you should pass up. These are the people who’ve survived the many ups and downs of the industry, the people who can spot red flags and opportunities from a mile away. They can break down the latest trends in the market, offer valuable insights, and recommended the best course of action based on your circumstances.

All three of these core goals are encapsulated in our monthly meetings, educational seminars, products, services and more. So, don’t be so quick to dismiss real estate investment groups. Become a CIREIA member today to experience these benefits.