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    The Governor signed this bill into law on April 25, 2019. Unlike most new laws, this one is effective immediately. Learn what is happening on the city and town level and how they are trying to push back. The fight continues !

  • May 17, 2019 10:05 AM | CIREIA Team (Administrator)

    Real Estate Investing

    One of the critical factors to consider in real estate investing and selling is the demographics of your market. Major shifts in a population’s demographics can have a significant impact on real estate trends for years to come – this includes real estate pricing and the type of properties in demand. As such, it is significant to stay up-to-date with the rising trends and get to know the demographics of your market to get ahead of the competition.  

    Top 10 Cities with Youngest Homeowners

    Using data from the US Census Bureau, Lending Tree found that some of Utah’s largest cities have the youngest homeowners in the country. Provo, UT —the top city with the youngest homeowners in the country— has an average homeowner age below 50. This is below the national homeowner age, which is 54. Targeting areas with a younger population and growing housing demand may indicate increasing property appreciation rate. Likewise, rising demands for land and rental properties mean better cash flow and higher profits.

    Here is the complete list of the top US cities with the youngest homeowners:

    1. Provo, UT
    2. Ogden, UT
    3. Salt Lake City, UT
    4. Des Moines, IA
    5. Austin, Texas
    6. Raleigh, NC
    7. Omaha, NE
    8. Minneapolis, MN
    9.  McAllen, TX
    10.  Houston, TX

    Top 10 Cities with Oldest Homeowners

    At the other end of the spectrum are the older homebuyers. It comes to no surprise that Florida —senior citizen and retiree haven— still has older homeowners than the other states. According to a report by Lending Tree, 7 out of the 10 metro areas are from Florida, with Pennsylvania and New York State taking the remaining slots. This should push these states’ real estate investors association to target seniors in their marketing agendas.

    Here is the list of the cities with high populations of the oldest homeowners:

    1. North Port, FL
    2. Cape Coral, FL
    3. Deltona, FL
    4. Palm Bay, FL
    5. Pittsburgh, PA
    6. Scranton, PA
    7. Tampa, FL
    8. Buffalo, NY
    9. Lakeland, FL
    10.  Allentown, PA

    Old is Still Gold

    Studies show that while marketing to young and middle-aged adults is very lucrative, it is imperative that real estate investors still make an effort to include seniors in their sales programs.

    Even in their twilight years, senior citizens’ housing preferences are still dictating the housing market’s future state, as revealed on the 2018 State of Nation’s Housing Report from Harvard University. In addition, 88 percent of seniors have an intention to remain at their own home.  This trend is expected to rise, increasing the growth rate of older rental and homeowners market.

    Age-Inclusive Property Marketing

    Appealing to every age group is vital to succeeding in the housing market. In doing so, make sure that you make the right steps and allow room for calculated risks. Let an established real estate investment association like CIREIA help you in this journey. Call us at 317-670-8491, and get started on your path to property marketing success!

  • April 19, 2019 12:00 PM | Anonymous

  • April 17, 2019 9:47 PM | CIREIA Team (Administrator)

    Premier real estate investing publication, Think Realty Magazine, is bidding farewell to its Editor-In-Chief Carole Ellis as she shifts her focus back to her family business. Available at Barnes & Nobles bookstores all over the country along with a digital version, Think Realty Magazine has become a valuable resource for both novice real estate investors and veterans in the industry. As a member of CIREIA, you are automatically a member of THINK REALTY and can pick up a FREE copy of Think Realty Magazine at the main meeting each month.

    Transitioning Toward a New Phase

    Carole Ellis has served as Editor-in-Chief of Think Realty Magazine since its inception in back in 2016. Along with president Eddie Wilson, Ms. Ellis has proven instrumental in the rapid growth of the publication. To help launch and lead Think Realty Magazine, Ms. Ellis opted to focus on the publication and step away from the family business.

    Ms. Ellis' in-depth knowledge of the real estate market along with her extensive experience as a real estate investor, publisher, and writer was a crucial element.

    As she steps down from her position at Think Realty, Ms. Ellis plans to concentrate on her own company, Self-Directed Investor (SDI) Society. SDI is a membership society to help investors of all skill levels invest in alternative assets that span the real estate market and beyond.

    Abby Tillman, Think Realty’s Director of Content, will serve as interim Editor-In-Chief for the publication as it works through the transition.

    Think Realty: Trusted Real Estate Resource

    Today, Think Realty Magazine has established itself as an objective and reputable resource of information on all things real estate. The publication has its own radio show where esteemed real estate experts come on board to tackle issues and share tips to real investors everywhere. Aside from sharing news and articles, Think Realty also offers courses and holds events in Irvine, Atlanta, and other locations.

    Importance of Real Estate Education

    At CIREIA, real estate education is a vital element for finding success in the real estate industry. Aside from sharing excellent resources like Think Realty Magazine, CIREIA members get exclusive access to learning opportunities such as:

    • Subgroups that inspire mutual learning among all members
    • Mentoring programs
    • Presentations and courses from industry leaders
    • Free video access
    • Fresh real estate news
    • Updates on pertinent local and country-wide real estate laws and regulations

    Become a Member of CIREIA Today

    Membership in one of the leading real estate investors association in Central Indiana entitles you to a multitude of benefits and privileges that are hard to get otherwise.

    • Free attendance to monthly and sub-group meetings
    • Networking opportunities with seasoned real estate professionals
    • Rebates and discounts from local and national companies
    • Earn credits toward a Professional Housing Provider certification
    • Add your properties for sale or lease
    • Get hot tips for real estate investment opportunities
    • And many more!

    CIREIA invites all individuals or real estate investors who are seeking success in this competitive industry. Membership is open to flippers, rehabbers, note buyers and sellers, land contract holders, insurance agents, lenders, attorneys, and other roles.

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