As a CIREIA member, attending Sub Groups are FREE.  They are included in your CIREIA membership for you and your co-member.

Each Sub Groups qualifies for PHP credit hours.  (Professional Housing Provider)

W.I.R.E. ~ Women in Real Estate

Open to Members Only.

Women In Real Estate, also known as WIRE is a CIREIA sub-group, consisting of women focusing on real estate as it pertains to women. This group is for members only and meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.

Hosted by Wendy Roser (765) 520-6187 and Stacy Patlan (765) 969-6066.

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Mortgage and Title 101 for Investors including Rehab Loan information and Title Work information

Open to Members Only.

Beth Linson started in the mortgage business in 1998 as a loan specialist and enjoys working with borrowers on all types of loans. This sub group answers questions about traditional as well as creative financing; credit repair; new credit laws and many other topics to help the investor as well as your buyers and tenants.    Call Beth at 317-410-1483 or e-mail her at any time.

Rick Howenstine has been in the Title Work business for over twenty years. He is also a licensed Real Estate Broker. Rick can be reached at  This group is for members only and meets on the 4th Monday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.

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Dave’s Dinner and a Deal

Open to Members Only.

Dave Short has been in the Real Estate business over 44 years learning the pros and cons of the Central Indiana market.  Dave has flipped over 200 properties in the last 5 years.  He also co-hosts our radio show, Real Talk.   This is a REHABBING AND FLIPPING group where Dave has open discussions on actual projects that are in progress. This often includes the following topics:

  • The pricing of a property
  • Strategies for selling the property
  • Costs of repairs (estimating and controlling them)
  • How to find Flip houses
  • How to fund your project
  • Partnership strategies
  • Before and After pictures
  • Visit actual properties.

Bring your questions and join Dave for a Dinner and a Deal. Check out Dave’s “Dinner and a Deal” on the CIREIA Calendar. Click on the Subgroup to register for the next meeting.  This group meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month and is for members only.

Dave’s contact information:

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Open to Members Only.

The Landlording Subgroup is led by Lee Smith, Owner of Spouses Buying Houses, Inc.   The group discusses topics of interest to both experienced and novice real estate investors who plan to manage their own properties.

Lee Smith has been investing in real estate since 1992. Started out with flips, and in 2007 became licensed and started managing rental properties. Lee is an ex Microsoft Engineer and is heavily systems oriented. Lee currently owns Spouses Buying Houses Inc, a property management company, where he owns many rentals and manages many more for other investors both foreign and domestically.

During the year, Lee will cover:

1. Running numbers – How to know if you are making money on a rental.: We will look at how to run numbers to see how profitable rentals are. We will use cashflow analysis and look at different bottom lines(Cap Rate, Cash-on-cash, etc) to show real returns.
2. Late Rents – zero tolerance and why you should be using it: We went from 7-10 late renters a month to 1-2. How we did it will surprise you.
3. Contractors and how to find decent ones: Different ways to find and verify GOOD contractors.
4. Evictions – The big scary is not that scary: We will discuss the ins’ and outs’ of evictions.
5. Carpets no more! – Flooring, Paint, tile… What to use and why: We will discuss different products on the market that landlords should be using. Design for durability!
6. I get $575 a month where you get $500, how is THAT possible!?: We will discuss different ways to make additional money on yourrentals. Pet fees, AC rentals, W/D Rentals, etc
7. Use technology to hold your tenants more accountable and make your life easier: We will discuss different tools we are using to make it easier for us to deal with and hold tenants accountable.
8. Single fam or multi fam. The differences in Indy: We will discuss the BIG differences between single fam and multi fam rentals in Indy.
9. Tenants more responsible?! What?!?: We will discuss making tenants responsible for cleaning drains, replacing furnace filters, and other minor repairs. Also how to backbill when they aren’t responsible.
10. Mice, ants, and BEDBUGS!!! OH MY!!!: We will discuss landlord responsibilities and ways to deflect this stuff.
11. Marketing a rental!What to do and how to do it to get the best results.
12. Rent to own vs land contracts vs note/mortgage: Thoughts on creative ways to sell your rentals.

Lee Smith
Spouses Buying Houses, Inc
317-537-7249 Fax

Look me up:

This group is for members only and meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.

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Wholesaling Made Simple

Open to members only.

Wholesaling may sound simple but it definitely has it’s nuances. Join the Simple Wholesaling team as they share their ten years of experience. Led by Brett Snodgrass and Brian Snider of Simple Wholesaling.
Reach Brett at or Brian at

This group meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.


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Notes Notes Notes

Open to members only. 

Greg actively buys and sells both performing and non-performing notes for his own account and enjoys teaching others how to do the same.  FREE meeting, FUN place, GREAT FOOD   Questions? Call Greg at 317-731-2216

* Using IRA Funds
* Purchasing Pitfalls
* Exit Strategies
* Reasonable Profits

An opportunity to learn all aspects of mortgage notes. Learn how easy note investing can be. This group has helped many to get off the fence and actually make their first investment in notes.

New topics, knowledge and techniques are covered at each meeting so make this sub-group a must and soon you will be reaping the rewards of investing in notes.

There are pitfalls and opportunities in notes. Our goal is to share knowledge and help attendees see the opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls.

Become the bank and earn double digit returns. If you own rental properties you will enjoy learning about this less stressful way of investing. No tenants or toilets.

Have you flipped homes or considered flipping homes? Why not flip mortgage notes? No contractors and much less competition than flipping homes. While impressive returns are possible you must be armed with proper knowledge. Regular attendees of this monthly meeting should gain great insight into this exciting strategy.

Ask questions, make suggestions and expand your knowledge of Mortgage Notes.

Led by: Greg Peterson,

This group is for members only and meets on the 3rd Monday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.

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Open to the Public.

Join Vickie Perry, Executive Director each month to get specific questions answered on the benefits of joining CIREIA.  If you are wanting more education in real estate investing, find out why our help is vital to your success. 

They also have an open discussion about contractors, rules, local markets, staging and anything else that is popping up in the market.

Meeting runs from 12-1:15.  Buy your lunch and chat investing.   

You can reach Vickie at or call 317-670-8491.

This group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.   As well as quarterly, they meet in the evening so watch for evening orientation classes on the calendar of events.

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Home Share (Short Term Rental)

Open to Members Only.

We are a community of short term rental enthusiasts committed to helping each other to be better hosts, managers and Indiana welcomers! We freely share our experiences good and bad in order to show our guests the best Indianapolis and surrounding areas have to offer. Our underlying current is of course maximizing ROI, which is at the forefront, and a direct result of our work and commitment to short term rentals.

Subgroup Leader: Elizabeth Maora Sickels  317-661-1516

This group is for members only and meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.

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Southsiders Monthly Group Meeting

Open to Members Only.

Living on the south side of Indianapolis includes Beach Grove, Johnson County, Columbus, IN and even Evansville. Join us each month to talk about some of what we see happening south of the circle.

What did you find successful this week? What was a challenge? What is happening in your south side community?

Network with other real estate investors who want to do business on the south side of Central Indiana.

Speakers will join us every other month. Our goal is to know what’s happening in our south side market. Subgroup Leader: Ed Keller,

This group is for members only and meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.  You can register on our calendar of events.

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Volunteers and Commitees

CIREIA has several committees to help our club. To volunteer contact Vickie at 317-670-8491 or Stacy Patlan at 765-969-6066. Volunteers are what keeps our club going. You are invited to greet members at the main meetings, join the education committe or benefits committee or help the camera crew.

Benefits for volunteering are primarily that you will meet other investors and grow your business quicker.

Monetary benefits are: Board memers’ dues are waived or if a vendor, dues are reduced 25%. If you are a volunteer chair or sub group leader where you are active every month and “work your committe or sub group” to build it and make it more active, annual payers are extended 25% (extra 3 months) and monthly payers are reduced 25%. If you are a volunteer who helps at meetings or work from time to time, you accumulate CIREIA Bucks that can be used for special events such as Tuesday with the Attorney or Super Saturday.

Volunteer and Benefits Chair:  Stacy Patlan  765-969-6066


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