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Our Mission Statement

To provide education and connection within the local community, to embolden people to take action in real estate investing. Education. Connection. Action.

Our Core Values

To act with Integrity and Transparency.

To be Inclusive and Community Oriented.

To embrace Abundant Thinking.

Ethical Standards

 Ethical Standards & Expectations for all CIREIA Club Members, Vendor Members, and Affiliate Partners

Adhere to Laws & Regulations

  • Do not misrepresent any material facts in your business dealings.
  • Ensure all rental housing is safe and sanitary, within the limits and guidelines of the law. 
  • Remain in compliance with all state and local requirements for construction projects
  • Do not discriminate against any person for reasons of: race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation), familial status, or disability. (Per the Fair Housing Act)

Act With Integrity & Professionalism

  • Utilize quality materials, workmanship, and best construction practices to ensure safety of any structure provided for the use of others.
  • Do not mislead or malign other members, property owners, buyers, sellers, business associates, or tenants.
  • Do the right thing, even when it is the hard thing to do!

The Individual Investor's Role in the Real Estate Life-Cycle

Individual real estate investors are a key component of a stable and thriving real estate market. When conducted properly, real estate investing ensures that dilapidated and neglected properties are renovated or revitalized into structures and spaces which add value and enhance the quality of life for the people in those communities.

CIREIA Club's Role in the Real Estate Life-Cycle

CIREIA Club holds all of its investor members, vendors, and affiliate partners to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We conduct our businesses in a way that focuses on improving the individual investor and the communities within which we work.

These are the basic standards expected of all parties involved with CIREIA Club.

Those who choose to conduct business in a manner that is not legal and/or ethical, may be asked to leave the organization without right to recover membership dues paid.

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