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A community of local real estate entrepreneurs who want to help each other grow through networking and education. 


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Legislative Updates - CDC National Eviction Moratorium

(more information under the RESOURCES TAB above) 

Update 10/6/2020

Settlement Program Offers Alternative to Eviction 

Article by the Indiana Lawyer. 

Elizabeth Sickles, President of INstateREIA, talks about how most landlords and housing providers WANT to work with their renters, and ARE working with the renters who are willing to work with them.

“Landlords want to do everything they can to keep good tenants in their properties,” Maora Sickels said. “If the tenants are even halfway willing to try to work something out, the landlords definitely want to help them.”

Read the full article here OR download a pdf copy here: Indiana Lawyer Article 10 01 20 with Elizabeth Sickels.pdf

Update 10/6/2020

Eviction Data the Media is Spouting has Little to No Validity

Article by Slate

Most of the numbers that the media is sensationalizing are out of date and/or incomplete. Some data points are based on evictions filed, not evictions finished.  They also do not show which evictions are for lack of payment vs. destruction of property such as running a meth lab in the property.  

"The media uproar over eviction tsunamis hides an increasingly embarrassing fact: We don’t even know how many Americans were evicted in 2019. How, then, are we supposed to help the estimated 30 to 40 million renters who are at risk of being evicted in 2021, when the moratorium lifts?

In short, local policies, differences in institutional capacity, and a lack of standardization across jurisdictions countrywide lead to a frustrating inability to pull together housing loss data in any meaningful way."

Click here to read the full article.

UPDATE 9/2/2020 

Effective September 4th, the CDC has issued a 37 page nationwide eviction moratorium through 12/31/2020.

For the full CDC ruling click here: Rules of Federal Moratorium.pdf

Attorneys resoundingly agree that this is 100% unconstitutional 

and a gross over reach by the Federal government on state level issues. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • The plan allows tenants to stop eviction proceedings by providing to the landlord, a "Declaration" (CDC_moratorium_affidavit.docx) which essentially state they earn under $99,000/year (or twice that for jointly filed returns) and that if evicted, their only option is homelessness or living in "closer quarters."
  • This "Declaration" is signed under the penalty of perjury, however, there is no further requirement for proof. Nor is there ability to rebut these declarations as a landlord.
  • The penalties for noncompliance with this order include up to $250,000 fine and one year in jail.
  • Full payment, including fees, penalties, or interest are still fully collectible once this moratorium is lifted.
  • This order does NOT prevent emergency evictions or evictions for lease violations, criminal activity, etc. It only prevents eviction for non-payment of rent.

Jeff Jinks, INstateREIA Attorney, on the CDC Moratorium

(click picture to view video)

CDC Eviction Moratorium Documents to Review

What tenants have to sign (without needing to provide any proof): CDC_moratorium_affidavit.docx

Full CDC ruling: Rules of Federal Moratorium.pdf

Message from Steve Eslinger, attorney and landlord: Part 15 - federal moratorium- sent Sept2.pdf and Part 15(b) - federal moratorium update.pdf.


91% of rental income collected goes towards the costs of maintaining the property (mortgages, taxes, insurance, upkeep) and ensuring that safe and quality housing is available to tenants at a fair market value.   If housing providers cannot collect rent, how can we expect them to continue to provide safe  housing to their renters?  National governmental programs that prevent rent collection, end up hurting the tenants in the long run...  inevitable eviction, higher rents for the next tenant, higher deposits.   

72% of all rental properties in Indiana are owned by small mom and pop businesses - people with less than 10 properties.  Most are hard working honest small business people who are a big part of the solution to the age-old dilemma:  not enough affordable homes for sale and for rent to meet the growing demands.

There are an estimated 2.2million real estate investors in the USALocally 25% of our members are female.  35% are minority and 1/3 of our members are licensed Realtors.

Join us for 15-20 meetings and classes every month to better understand the multiple ways to buy a property - finance a property - improve a property - sell or lease a property.  

How YOU Can Be A Part of the Change

Take Action! Donate Now!

As Jeff mentioned in the video above, INstateREIA has an undefeated track record when it comes to promoting fair housing legislation. 

INstateREIA is in the process of filing a class action lawsuit that will represent ALL Indiana housing providers to ensure that our voices are heard.

But we need your support to make that happen, so please DONATE!

**All donations 501c6 deductible as a business expense

Take Action! Make Your Voice Be Heard!

Let Washington know that it's NOT OK to have your constitutional rights as a private business own violated. Click here to send an email to Washington. 

    • This takes you to VOTER VOICE (facilitated by National REIA) where you can scroll down to the already created form to contact the White House and your Legislators.


Be a part of the "I LOVE my Landlord" PR Campaign

About the Campaign

INstateREIA is launching a campaign to combat the negative  perception that the media has been touting over the past few months.

Landlords provide society with a vital service - safe, clean and quality shelter. Click the video below to learn about INstateREIA's new PR campaign to celebrate how housing providers contribute to society. 

(Click picture to view video about the campaign)

Getting Your Yard Signs


Pick up in person: $20/per sign

Delivered to your house: $30/per sign

To purchase a sign, click the Donate button below and make a donation for the option you want to purchase. 

Pick up orders will be at the CIREIA Event Center @ 6767 E Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46219

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you via email to coordinate a pick up time or your delivery address. 


MONTHLY NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION:  2nd Friday of each month.  Be sure to check the Cireia EVENTS Calendar before  going to all events.  Most are taught by volunteers and last minute changes can happen.  Changes are posted on our Calendar and if you have pre-registered, you will receive an email regarding the change.

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GET YOUR CONTRACTS and ONLINE VIDEO COURSE to show you how to create your company in the RIGHT WAY on your own.  DIY Real Estate Education partnered with Jeff Jinks Attorney and Cireia:

Networking And Education Are The Keys To Your Success


People become RE Investors for many reasons: develop a business that you own and control, create financial and personal freedom, add RE Investing as a second income stream to supplement your current job, create a business that can be a legacy for your children….. Through networking, classes and educational events, CIREIA has members who are willing to help new investors learn the strategies and nuances of this business.


We’re a community of local investors, rehabbers, wholesalers, Realtors, attorneys, accountants, landlords, contractors, and other real estate entrepreneurs who help each other through networking, sharing our contractors, sources, successess and failures.


Learning can be hard. Mistakes can be expensive. New investing strategies can be difficult to decipher. Without coaches, mentors and networking partners, this business can discourage a lot of investors.

At CIREIA, we are all real estate entrepreneurs and we recognize that we can all succeed faster when we learn together and share our knowledge as a community devoted to helping each other succeed.


As a premier real estate investment group, CIREIA upholds the significance of having a high work ethic and determination.   As a member, you can attend different subgroups based on your special interests, and learn how to achieve both your personal and professional goals.   Subgroups are FREE for all CIREIA members and are the perfect place to expand your network and boost your knowledge in a smaller, more 1:1 setting.   Subgroups are for members only and are not open to the public.

*Please note that events hosted by CIREIA are taught by volunteers, real estate investors and coaches.   CIREIA, speakers and attendees are giving their opinions and not offering legal or financial advice.  We recommend that all investors consult professionals before making all financial and legal decisions. 

Check out this video of our Executive Director and Brian Snider talking about CIREIA's subgroups.

Why should you join CIREIA?

Lear more


Develop Strong and Expansive Network

Glean information and expand your network. Get a chance to attend all events and meetings and learn from real estate investors, agents, bankers, lawyers, landlords, and other professionals engaged in real estate investing. We have over 800 members at all levels of experience.  


Achieve Continuous Growth

Becoming a CIREIA member opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Propel yourself and your business toward continuous growth through our seminars and educational classes that will help you earn credit hours toward a nationally recognized Professional Housing Provider (PHP) certification.

In addition, being part of CIREIA gives you an insider’s look at the success secrets of those who have made their fortune in the industry. Already gained your wealth? Learn how to protect it and make it grow further....hear more about the changing markets and strategies.

  • Maximize profits through the housing rental market
  • Take advantage of real estate investing
  • Explore how tax planning can generate more wealth

Learn how to recognize opportunities and benefit from them in ethical ways, all while helping not only yourself but others as well. Equally important is that you’ll learn to avoid the common traps that trip up inexperienced landlords who don’t know how to transform problems into opportunities strategically.


Enjoy Membership Perks

Aside from these major advantages, being a member of CIREIA also hooks you up with great discounts like:

  • Material Purchase Rebate Incentive Program: a 2% Biannual Rebate of Net Sales from purchases at the Home Depot Tool Rental and The Home Depot
  • Home Depot and serving commercial and investment contractors
  • Store Purchasing Card Program with Exclusive Copy & Printing Pricing plus up to 45% Discounts on prices at the Office Depot and Office Max
  • If you drive for dollars to find properties, you'll want to check out and sign up for DealMachine and use the code CIREIA.  This app allows you to contact the property owner while you sit in front of the property in your car in one quick click.


Discover Multiple Options of Finance and Investing
Being part of a nationally-recognized and professional real estate investment group like CIREIA gives you exclusive access to a host of benefits. Depending on your membership level, you get:

  • Free attendance to monthly Main Meetings held on the 1st Thursday of the month and to the monthly Masters Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Free access to 10 subgroup teaching sessions each month
  • Add your properties for sale or lease to the PROPERTY LISTINGS PAGE going out to over 4,000 investor emails every 3-4 days plus google search
  • Entry to subgroups and special learning events to widen your specialty
  • Study under real estate coaches with far-reaching real-world experience in real estate investing
  • The latest updates in laws and regulations concerning the real estate investment industry at the local, state, and federal level
  • Discounted rates at workshops, educational seminars, and courses
  • Rebates and discounts thanks to our local and national business partners
  • Present your properties at monthly meetings during Buy/Sell/Trade sessions

Executive Director

Vickie Perry, Executive Director began flipping houses in the early 80's.  She moved back to Indy 6 years ago and has rehabbed 9 properties since returning in addition to managing CIREIA and sitting on the Board of Directors for Indiana STATE REIA.  (INstateREIA).  

Vickie is a great resource for our members.  If you have questions about the market, how to get started, vendors to help you and tons of other needs, email her at  

Don't miss out on the benefits! 

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Our Premium Vendors

Promote your services at CIREIA sponsored events. Become a premium vendor member, and witness CIREIA members’ dedication to helping you achieve success in the real estate industry.  For a complete list of our Vendor members, click on the VENDORS tab above.

While it’s possible to enter the real estate industry on your own, learning and growing with a professional real estate investment group simply makes sense on all fronts when you consider all of these benefits you’ll have instant access to; and all the contacts you’ll be able to connect with.  Start your journey toward financial independence and grow in the real estate industry. Join us today!