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  • Notes Subgroup-Be the Bank: August-Free to members

Notes Subgroup-Be the Bank: August-Free to members

  • August 12, 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • ZOOM Live


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FREE FOR MEMBERS.  Subgroups are smaller group meetings where volunteers teach and coach on various topics.

Welcome all investors, beginner or seasoned! Check out this video detailing what we will be covering in this meeting.

Join via ZOOM (link will be in confirmation email after registering).

Ever want to invest in Real Estate but the idea of being a landlord stresses you out?! What if you can receive cashflow like a rental but with no home owner responsibilities!! This is what this subgroup will be about. How to be "The Bank" and receive passive cashflow through mortgage notes secured by Real Estate. The primary focus will be on Performing and Non-Performing 1st lien Residential Real Estate Notes.

You will gain practical knowledge of how to become a Note Investor! 
1) Using your Retirement Account 
2) How to analyze a deal 
3) Deal Architecting - Profit from buying/selling or managing Notes 
4) How to avoid the pitfalls

The goal will be to create and foster long term Passive Investment relationships, develop partnerships, share experiences and have a great time with Like-minded people!


Check out our website at

Facebook - @brightpathnotes
Twitter - @brightpathnotes
Instagram - @brightpathnotes

This group is for members only and meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. 

Host: Justin Bogard of BrightPath Notes

Justin first began Real Estate Investing in early 2000’s. While other young professionals were renting fancy apartments and putting investing far off into the future, he saw the advantages of making his dwelling place dollar grow quicker via property turnover.

This evolved into what he specializes in today which is Real Estate Note Investing and architecting deals from the viewpoint of being the “Bank”! Justin has helped many investors either buy, sell or create real estate notes. He often is a speaker about Note Investing at conferences and events. He has even co-authored a #1 best seller real estate book! Justin is also the co-host on the 2 Wealth Show, a video and podcast about Real Estate Investing.